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Which property manager is right for your portfolio?

System - Friday, February 27, 2015

When it comes to finding the right property manager for you it pays to take the time and do your research. There are a lot of property managers locally but not all companies are the capable professionals they may claim to be. Some may be unscrupulous in their practices where others may just make common mistakes repeatedly. Regardless of the nature of the mistakes anything not done correctly will result in you losing money. Take a look at the following checklist to make sure that your property gets the attention that it deserves.

  • Strong local knowledge and expertise. – it is imperative when renting a property that the home is priced correctly, given ample time for marketing, and advertised in a way that “sells” the property while getting the ad in front of as many potential tenants as possible. If your home is priced too low then you may find a tenant quickly but end up losing money each month in the form of rent that could have been collected had it been priced right. Pricing a home too high can result in long market times leading to excessive vacancy. Our team of dedicated property managers and the licensed agent support staff have over 50 years combined of local real estate knowledge in Hampton Roads. We price it right the first time.
  • Competitive/fair pricing options. – We know that not every property is identical nor is every owners situation. We took that in consideration when we determined our pricing guidelines for the service we offer you. For some owners a percentage of the rent is ideal where others would prefer a flat rate fee. We are always happy to sit down in order to determine the best fit for you.
  • Aggressive marketing strategy – The best way to find the right tenant is to advertise to as many prospects as possible. Our aggressive marketing strategy includes all the major real estate syndications, utilizing free resources such as Craigslist, print media, signage and incentives to local realtors to provide an approvable tenant. Our proven methods allow us to boast some of the lowest vacancy averages locally.
  • Affordable maintenance – We have a trusted network of licensed professionals that we can trust with any needs your property may encounter. Flat rate evictions, free estimates on repairs and discounted pricing are just a few examples of the benefits that you will experience due to our long term relationships. In some cases owners have contractors that they prefer to hire. We are willing to coordinate services in the most cost efficient manner possible.
  • 24 hour portfolio access. – We manage your portfolio using industry leading tools. The most prominent piece of technology at our disposal allows you access to an online owner portal where you can access financial records, maintenance status updates and access to your property manager 24 hours a day. Keeping you informed is our focus. The owner portal allows us to do just that.
  • Automatic Owner disbursements. – We know that when the rent has been collected you expect the money as soon as possible. To accomplish this, we set up an electronic deposit. As soon as the payment has been received and the funds are made available they are wired electronically to your account.

Don't fall victim to prices that seem too good to be true. In many cases the property manager offering his services at a fraction of the market rate is a small scale organization if not an independent Agent who cannot afford a staff to provide the services that you deserve. Due to a lack of support they must cut corners in order to make a living. When he fails you it will be your money lost, not his company's. As in everything else, you get what you pay for.

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